Do’s and Don’ts of a House Filming Location Owner

Posted by jayhana on April 15, 2015

Owning a house used for filming has its do’s and don’ts. Of course, just like any business, there are things these owners need to practice to keep the location looking well and thriving with visitors. If you want to be part of the growing number of filming location owners then read this article. This is specially made to help you know the do’s and the don’ts of owning filming locations. propecia pharmacie The Do’s
priligy originale vendita ● Have a healthy relationship with clients.
It is important to have a healthy rapport with your clients. This will help build your reputation and invite them to return again. Although you won’t be staying in your house while they film, try to visit, check on them and their needs, and make sure that they are able to work well. viagra pour femme achat ligne ● Always have a maintenance guy on call.
Have someone on call when it comes to maintenance. Have a plumber, electrician, and even a gardener on call. When the production team needs help, call your maintenance guy. It is best to have your maintenance guy to always check things in your house then rely on the crew’s electrician. This will help protect your home better and even fix some errors easily. ● Keep your house presentable.
Your house should be presentable all year round. Have it cleaned regularly. Check your furnishings, electric wiring, plumbing, and even gardening. This will help win more location scouts over. acquisto propecia senza ricetta ● Be very considerate of your neighbors.
Although offering your house as a filming location is your business, you need to consider what your neighbors have to say. Listen if they have any concerns regarding other people working in the neighborhood. Make sure they are not bothered or disturbed in any way. Ask them for feedback. ● Make sure your contract will have an agreeable deal between you and your client.
Have you placed all the necessary agreements you want to met with your clients? If yes is your answer then make sure that there are areas in your contract that can be amended or adjusted. The Don’ts
generique france ● Don’t break the connection between you and your clients.
After a production used your house, this doesn’t mean you have to break the connection. Still maintain a healthy relationship with them by updating them of your offers or may be recommending them other filming locations they may need at a moment. cialis vente libre espagne ● Don’t let a potential client wait for your reply.
When you received an email, don’t wait a day before you answer it. Give them a reply as soon as possible especially if it is an inquiry regarding your location. is a website that shows a house in Miracle Mile that is opened for filming needs. They have an area where people can email them or other contact means. Whether you have this feature in your website, or you provided means for clients to call you, make sure to return call or reply their messages. ● Don’t ignore your neighbor’s complain.
If your neighbors complained about a certain activity the filming production did, or may be one of the crew entered their area without permission, don’t play deaf. Talk to the production on their behalf. It is even best to include such limitations in the contract.

● Don’t forget to have an extra room or place where you can place any items in your home that won’t be used in the filming.
There will be instances when filming locations need regular maintenance. If you want to offer your house as a filming location, then it is important that you observe these practices.

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