4 Items You Need to Consider in Selecting a House Filming Location

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Scouting for locations is presently easier. Back then location scouts have to travel a lot just to find the perfect area to shoot certain movie scenes. While there are still those who do this, the process has become more convenient especially if the area you are eyeing is far from your present location. The challenge in scouting a house for filming location is checking if the item on your list fits the cut. If you are starting on this venture, it’s important to take note of the items that can help you select the house, or the area in each house, that can fit the movie scenes.

The genre determines the mood you need to see in a house. Let’s say you are filming a horror film. For this you need to find an eerie location regardless whether a house seems old or well maintained.

You need to understand the storyline first before searching for a home. As said earlier, a home featured in a film can sometimes have several areas filmed from different location. The house featured in Father of the Bride is the perfect example, with their back yard filmed from another location and its living room from another house. Another reason for considering the scenes is the terms set by the home owners. You may need to remodel to it depict different scenes from different timeline of the story. This may include painting the house or replacing the furniture.

The location of the house can be tricky. While you may be able to the crew and actor’s accessibility to it. Remember to review every way the team can possibly use to get to the location on time, especially since they need to set up the equipment.

Other than the entry and exit points from the city to the location, the location (if possible) should have items to entertain the crew’s needs. This can be ample parking spaces for their cars and trucks, internet access, and even an area where they can put up tents in case the need for it arises.

Location scouting is present made easier thanks to certain agencies and the internet. There are companies, even the local government departments, which offer a list of house for filming. The internet can also provide websites that present houses open for the same purpose. These sites even provide photos of both indoor and outdoor areas of the house they feature; especially the owner’s contact details. Remember, that as you research, make a check list of characteristics you look for in house filming location. This way, you can easily narrow your selection and make the scouting even faster.

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