How to Get Filmmakers Interested in Filming In your House

Are you thinking of offering your house as a filming location? Let’s admit, in places like Los Angeles, offering one’s houses as filming locations can be a great way to earn an extra income. One great example is one of the newest and promising properties in Los Angeles for film producers, and even photographers and event-organizers.

Of course, there might be some who are wondering if their house is fit for such offers. The great thing about filming locations is that they vary especially with the different needs the movie has. There are some who may not always need a luxurious place to film. Some might even need a warehouse or a simple place which they can just call “haunted”. If you want to know how to offer your house and even get the filmmakers attention to film in your house, then read on. We have great tips here how you can do just that.

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  1. Maintain your house’s safety standards.

Please, even if your house looks haunted, this doesn’t mean you don’t have to keep it safe. Make sure all your electrical wirings, foundations, and plumbings are in good condition. Have someone check it and maintain it from time to time. We are giving you this advice especially since your house will be used as a filming location. The production team will be using your electricity, water, and will be staying in your house.
  1. Take pictures of your house.

Take a lot of pictures of your house and make sure to get every angle. You can display these in the internet and even opt for your own website just like what we did with 5401 Olympic. You can also use it for web directories for filming locations.

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  1. Have a detailed description of your place.

If you are offering your house as a filming location, make sure to give location scouts descriptions that will give them more ideas about your place. This will give them a view of how to use their house as a filming location.

Never limit the possible uses of your house once you open it as a filming location. These are just some ways how to catch a filming location scout’s eye. They are into details so provide them with lots of detail and even how they can study it even online. Once they see that your house is perfect for their needs, they would want to check it out personally.

Basic Amenities You Should Provide Movie Production Teams

Offering your house to movie production teams as one of their filming locations can be a great way to earn additional income. In addition, you get to witness how films are made and even have the likes of actors and actresses like Angelina Jolie walking in your house and acting as if they live there.

Owning a filming location has its thrills but before you can get that chance you need to make sure you offer the right amenities to even attract more clients. Of course, when we say clients, we are not limiting it to movie production teams but also photographers, commercial producers, and even event organizers. Here are some basic amenities you should have that would attract them more. prezzo viagra pfizer in farmacia Internet connection

While data plans are great, there are those who may want to have an internet connection where they are filming. shows a filming location that offers an internet connection to their clients. This provides help to crew and staff to meet their tasks more, especially to meet their communication needs. Ample parking

Parking has always played a vital role in filming locations. Movie production teams need a space where they can park their trailers and trucks. You should have a space for their parking – or at least a nearby space for it. Electricity

Electricity is a common need by production teams. But it would be great to also have a generator just in case of power interruptions. This will help the team with their electricity needs although they are sure to have a spare with them.

viagra pas cher Rooms

Rooms are vital especially if they are filming for series. This will help them meet work more and even have a place for meetings. They can also use this for rest, so be prepared to have areas where they can rest for a while. You can also offer entertainment facilities like pool tables or even ping-pong tables. They can also have a place where they can play cards too.

Filming locations are growing in numbers. But in order to keep up with the growing competition, it is best to have amenities great filming location offers – regardless of how simple your location is.

How to Maintain Your House Filming Location

Filming locations should be maintained properly. This places are not just livable spaces but for business. This means if you want to attract more clients – meaning film producers, directors, and location scouts – you need to make sure that your space complies to their needs. Your place must not only have ample parking, internet, and even the permit to have this business but also have safe electrical wirings, good plumbing conditions, and even clean rooms.

You can check out to have an idea of a filming location. The websites showcase a great cialis 20 mg prezzo in farmacia Spanish style house that has great features to offer. But, if you are looking forward to offer your house and offer it as a location for movies, you need to know exactly how filming locations are maintained. Here are ideas how you can do it 1. Check for areas that need to be fixed.

Have a regular check-up of your house. Check for areas that need to be fixed like your roof, ceiling, especially your electrical wirings and plumbing. You should also check for walls and even your corner posts if it doesn’t have any breaks and if it needs to be torn down and replaced – or if  you need a renovation. viagra prezzo farmacia 2. Hire the right people to fix your electrical wirings, plumbing and even clean the house.

Have the right people to check your electrical wirings, plumbing and even clean the house. You can check the internet for recommendations. You can also ask your friends on who they can recommend to maintain your place. Make sure that the people you hire to fix your wiring, plumbing and even clean your house is also available for house calls. Others refer to agencies to easily meet unexpected needs.

3. Always have pest control.

Always make sure that your house is free of pests. Have a pest control team to check your place, exterminate the pest if there are any and make sure that you are even free from termites! Now, these critters are a real nightmare! Better be sure your house is free from such threats.

There are many filming locations around so if you want to have a competitive location, you need to offer a house that is safe, clean, and presentable for filming.

Ways to Prepare Your Garden for Evening Events

Gardens are always great filming locations. Other than filming locations, this area of the property has always been a favorite venue for special events like book launching, reunions, and other parties.

Evening events are always the focus of garden filming locations. With this, you can get an idea of when to really offer your garden and even how to prepare it. If you want to offer your garden for such evening events, here are ways how to prepare it.

1. Know what the occasion is.

What is the event about? If it’s a book launching, or even a celebration of its publishing, it is best to prepare your evening event with more lights. You can have a small stand and groups of chairs prepared in the garden. You may even opt for a couch in the garden to make it more personal when it comes to reading a part of the book.

If the occasions are weddings, a different lighting is required. You should clear your garden more to set up the dance floor and even offer to have lightings on the tree for a more romantic appeal.

2. Keep the garden simple.

Of course it is best to keep the garden simple. This will help you adjust your decorations to the need of the occasion. If you need to add more flowers, or ribbons, or lighting, having a simple garden will allow you to work one the garden better.

3. Trimming the grass is a must.

Trim the grass and clear it from withered leaves. This will help beautify the area more and even protect your guest from any accidents. While a few grasses growing and withered leaves falling may seem harmless, they may trip guest and cause accidents. It is best to clear the area of these threats.

4. Have the necessary lightings ready.

If there are lightings that seem common in all evening garden occasions, these are small lights installed on trees. It beautifies the garden and complements the starry skies.

Gardens like the one with should not be limited to filming locations. They should also be open to hosts events. Don’t limit the opportunities you can get from this area and start offering it to friends, family, and even the production team that used it.